Changing My Home Interior

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Restore An Aging Shed With The Help Of Painters

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If you have an older shed in your backyard, it can be tempting to replace it due to its age and condition. If the shed is still structurally sound, try to restore it by painting the exterior. This will not only improve the shed’s appearance but also prevent damage to the structure in the future.  Instead of handling the job yourself, call a professional painter to help you out with the following steps. Read More»

Tips For An Awesome Exterior Painting Job

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A good exterior paint job can completely transform the look of your home. But how do you get a good exterior paint job? One option is to hire professional painters. However, if you prefer to DIY this work, there are some tips you can follow for better, near-professional results. Here they are: Power wash the home first. Before you apply any paint, give the home a good power washing. This is one time when you really want to turn the pressure up as high as possible. Read More»

Want An Accent Wall? 5 Things To Put On It

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An accent wall is a great addition to many rooms. It provides some visual interest, adds character, and can even make the room look cozier or larger. But what should you put on your accent wall? Here are a few ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.  1. A Bold Color. The easiest accent wall to create is simply a bold color that draws attention as a contrast with softer, muted, or neutral surrounding colors. Read More»

Painting Your Exterior? Tips To Get It Done Right

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If the exterior of your home has gone from fab to drab, it may be time for a splash of paint to give it new life and curb appeal. Your home may appear faded or unsightly with time and sun damage and from other exterior elements. If you are considering painting the exterior of your home, you should consider hiring a residential painter. Painting the exterior of your home can be difficult in that there are a number of steps that need to be completed before you can actually paint so that the paint adheres properly to your home and doesn’t bubble or chip off. Read More»

Signs You Need To Paint Your Home's Exterior

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Homeowners love decorating the interior of their houses but neglect the exterior. As much as painting your exterior seems like a big financial project, you should still execute it. Remember that exterior paint protects your home against the elements. So, if you notice the signs discussed below, don’t hesitate to call a residential exterior painter. Much Time Has Passed When was the last time you had an exterior paint job? If it’s been a long time since you repainted your home’s exterior, then you need to hire a residential exterior painting service. Read More»

What To Consider When Selecting New Carpeting

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Need to select new carpeting for your home, but feeling a bit confused about all your options? Here are some things to consider as you start to narrow in on your selection for new carpeting. Know The Differences Between Carpet Fibers The material that the carpet is made out of is going to determine the performance of the carpeting above all other properties. Each type of carpet fiber is easy to compare if you focus on durability, stain resistance, and price. Read More»

Inspiration for Your Residential Painting Project

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A fresh coat of paint can liven up a dark space in your home or may prompt you to use a distinct decorating theme to highlight the new wall covering. Choosing paint may require you to seek some inspiration, both through color block samples and archived and current paint trends. Color Block Samples Samples that are arranged in a collection of cards will include light and dark hues, metallic shades, and custom color combinations. Read More»