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Want An Accent Wall? 5 Things To Put On It

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An accent wall is a great addition to many rooms. It provides some visual interest, adds character, and can even make the room look cozier or larger. But what should you put on your accent wall? Here are a few ideas to help get your creative juices flowing. 

1. A Bold Color. The easiest accent wall to create is simply a bold color that draws attention as a contrast with softer, muted, or neutral surrounding colors. This bold hue can be anything you want, from rich jewel tones to bright neon. 

2. A Pattern. Not ready to paint an entire wall a very bright or deep color? Consider a pattern instead. Patterns can be created with modern wallpaper or careful painting techniques. Look for inspirations for your patterns within the decor of the rooms, such as pillows, rugs, artwork, architecture, or flooring. 

3. A Painting. Make the accent wall more of a reflection of yourself or your family by choosing a drawing, painting, mural, or unique design. This takes more skill in most cases, especially if you want to craft something freehand. But you may also be able to purchase premade murals or even work with a local artist to make something truly special.

4. An Accessory. Not everyone is allowed to—or inclined to—paint walls with bold new ideas. You can still make an accent wall by focusing not on the wall itself but on what it can frame. Use a neutral, soft shade as a background, then add a large statement accessory. This might be a large, lush planter, for example, a gallery wall of photos or artwork, or a single oversized piece of art.

5. A Texture. Don't overlook the use of different textures for your accent. Materials like stone, wood, tile, and brick lend a unique feeling to the room. While real materials are the best, today's paint and wallpaper choices can successfully mimic many of them. Between texturing methods, coloration, and other tricks, you can achieve an industrial, rustic, or vintage accent wall on any budget. 

Where to Start

Ready to get to work on your accent wall? Wherever it's located and whatever level of planning you've already made, the best place to turn is an interior paint contractor in your area. With their expertise, you'll soon have the perfect accent to elevate your room and wow your guests. Call today to learn more about interior painting