Changing My Home Interior

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Three Ways To Incorporate Your Wedding Color Into Your Home's Interior Paint

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If you and your significant other have just gotten married and bought your first home as a couple, you might have some ideas for paying tribute to your nuptials. While some people will be eager to hang a wedding photo on their wall and perhaps dry their bridal bouquet and use the flowers for some type of decorative piece, there are other options to consider. Think about the color that you used on your big day, and then consider the ways that it can appear when you hire a painter to paint the interior of your home. Read More»

Shades Of Purple To Consider For Your Home

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Purple is a popular color, with many people enjoying wearing clothing in this hue. If you find that the look of purple always brings a smile to your face, you may wish to consider having a local interior painting contractor paint a certain area of your home purple. To move forward with this idea, you’ll need to carefully evaluate several paint swatches to choose a shade of purple that will look right on your walls. Read More»

Things That Can Quickly Damage Your Home's Exterior Paint

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Your home’s exterior paint is one of the most important features when it comes to protecting your property. It keeps your home looking beautiful and helps to maintain its value. However, several things can quickly damage your exterior paint, which often leads to expensive repairs. This post highlights three things that can cause damage to your exterior paint and how to prevent this damage. Extreme Temperature Changes Extreme temperature swings can cause the paint to expand, contract, and ultimately crack. Read More»