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Shades Of Purple To Consider For Your Home

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Purple is a popular color, with many people enjoying wearing clothing in this hue. If you find that the look of purple always brings a smile to your face, you may wish to consider having a local interior painting contractor paint a certain area of your home purple. To move forward with this idea, you'll need to carefully evaluate several paint swatches to choose a shade of purple that will look right on your walls. You may find that one of these shades of purple will be appropriate to use in your home.


Eggplant is a common type of purple paint. It has a rich purple color that can be fairly dark. In most cases, you won't likely want your painter to apply eggplant purple paint onto each of the walls in a room. Instead, you might think about different ways for them to use this paint without the end result becoming too overwhelming. For example, if you have wainscoting along the lower half of the walls in a room, you might have the painter paint the wainscoting white and apply eggplant paint to the wall above the wainscoting.


If you want a shade of purple that isn't as dark and bold as eggplant, you have several options to discuss with your painter. One shade that many people enjoy is lilac. It's lighter in color than eggplant. Lilac paint is light enough that it can work on an entire wall if you really like this shade. You might choose lilac paint to give a light and welcoming feel to a guest bedroom. Alternatively, a powder room can be a good candidate for lilac paint. The white fixtures and this shade of purple will work well together.

Dusty Purple

Dusty purple is a paint color that has a gentle look and can work well in your home. This shade of purple combines purple and gray, which can make it a good choice for someone who likes the look of purple but who wants the walls to have a fairly understated look. If you have gray elements in a room — for example, a gray sofa in your living room or a gray bed frame in your bedroom — you might find that dusty purple works well at tying into the gray in the space.

Shade these purple suggestions with your local interior painting professional. For more interior house painting ideas, reach out to a local service.