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How Does Commercial Painting Differ From Residential Painting?

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When you need painting done to a commercial building, it is important to hire a commercial painting service. However, you may find yourself wondering why you need to hire this service instead of a residential one. After all, isn’t painting the same regardless of the building type? Read on to learn how commercial painting differs from residential painting.  The Size of the Project  One of the most obvious differences between a commercial painting project and a residential one is the size of the project. Read More»

Making The Colors Of Your Office Interior Work For You

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Color plays a large role in things like marketing and branding. Many businesses figured out a long time ago that color can affect people in a number of ways. You don’t need to take a class in chromology to figure out ways to use the colors of your office to your advantage. Here are a few ideas to consider. Make Your Office Environment More Relaxed and Cheerful If your office comes with a lot of stresses, you can try adding in some yellow or orange tones. Read More»

4 Ways To Give The Exterior Of Your Home A New Look

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When it comes to giving the exterior of your home a new look, you don’t have to paint the whole house to get the job done. In fact, there are many simple options you can choose to create a stunning facade for your house. Here are some ideas to consider when planning to add a little extra curb appeal to your home. 1. Clean The Siding Whether you choose to paint a little, a lot, or not at all, it’s a good idea to do a quick clean of your siding. Read More»