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Three Tips For Painting Like A Pro

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Painting your home may seem easy compared to other remodels. It is one of the most common home improvement projects that homeowners take on during their free time rather than hiring professionals. Obviously, you can save thousands of dollars by doing your own paint job. But painting is often more difficult than expected. It is much more than just getting a paintbrush or roller and flopping the paint onto your walls. If you don't use the right tools and techniques, your paint job is not going to look professional, and it might even be so bad that you need to have it professionally redone by a company such as A Blaze of Color LLC. Here are three simple things that first-time painters should do to make that paint job look like a professional job.


Painting is all in the prep work. Professionals will spend just as much time preparing as they do painting. Covering all of your floors and any surface you don't want to get paint on is vital when it comes to containing the mess and saving time on cleanup. It can be more expensive if you still paint on surfaces that you did not properly mask off. One of the most technical aspects of the paint job is taping off the edges so you can create straight lines. You need to use the correct painters' tape for each different material to make sure that it creates a tight seal.

Roll First

Another helpful tip is to roll your walls before painting the edges. You will need to use brushes to create clean edges, but you first want to roll as closest possible to the edges. Then, you can come back with the brush and fill in the missing space.

Paint Under Different Lighting

One way to make sure that you cover every square inch of your surface and fill in all of the texture is to paint during different hours of the day and under different lighting. That is, if you paint under work lights, you might notice spots that you previously missed. You might not notice these spots until the next day under natural light. So, when you think you're done painting, wait a little longer and look at the paint job under different lighting conditions to make sure that you got complete coverage. The more severe your texture is, the harder it will be to get full coverage.

So, it is definitely worthwhile to do your own painting if you are able to follow these steps and paint just like the pros do.