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How Does Commercial Painting Differ From Residential Painting?

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When you need painting done to a commercial building, it is important to hire a commercial painting service. However, you may find yourself wondering why you need to hire this service instead of a residential one. After all, isn't painting the same regardless of the building type? Read on to learn how commercial painting differs from residential painting. 

The Size of the Project 

One of the most obvious differences between a commercial painting project and a residential one is the size of the project. Commercial buildings are typically larger in size than residential homes. As such, the scope of the project is much larger. This may require the use of different painting tools, such as sprayers and scaffolding and the use of a larger painting crew. 

The Preparation Work

Another difference between commercial and residential painting is how the preparation work is done. Before a home or building can be painted, prep work needs to happen. This may include removing old paint that is peeling or cleaning the siding to remove dirt and debris that may cause the paint not to adhere smoothly. Power washing is the preferred method for preparing homes for exterior painting. But sandblasting is typically used when it comes to commercial buildings. This is based on the length of time it takes to power wash versus sandblast and the building materials that are being prepped.

The Material That is Being Painted

The siding used on homes can vary from the siding used on commercial buildings. Wood siding and vinyl siding are two common materials used on the exterior of homes. But commercial buildings are typically sided in concrete, stucco or metal products. Different siding materials need to be painted different ways and with different types of paint. A commercial painting company knows how to paint the materials that are typically used on commercial buildings and what type of paint is the best for that material. This can help to ensure the paint not only looks great but also lasts for years to come. 

Painting a commercial building is larger in scope than painting a home, requires different prep work, may require different types of material to be painted and requires the use of different painting materials. Because of this, you want a painter who is experienced with these differences when you need your commercial building painted. Contact a few different painting companies to obtain quotes and discuss their experience before selecting the one you wish to work with.