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Three Ways To Incorporate Your Wedding Color Into Your Home's Interior Paint

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If you and your significant other have just gotten married and bought your first home as a couple, you might have some ideas for paying tribute to your nuptials. While some people will be eager to hang a wedding photo on their wall and perhaps dry their bridal bouquet and use the flowers for some type of decorative piece, there are other options to consider. Think about the color that you used on your big day, and then consider the ways that it can appear when you hire a painter to paint the interior of your home. There are many different options, including these ideas.

Accent Wall

A lot of people choose a bold color as their wedding color. For example, you might have chosen purple, orange, green, or another bright hue. One way to feature this color in a stylish way in your new home is as an accent wall. Choose a room that you want to have a lively look and then have your painting contractor cover one of the walls with paint that pays tribute to your wedding color. For guests, this room can simply look cheery — but you'll know and appreciate its special significance.


Another way to include your wedding color when you get your home painted is to have it appear as a border in one of your rooms. Several different rooms throughout the residence can be suitable, but you might favor having the border appear in the home's primary bedroom. You can decide how thick you want the border to be and where on the wall you want it positioned. For example, many people favor a moderate-thickness border close to the top of each wall. It will add a splash of color to the room and pay tribute to your recent special day.

Powder Room

It's possible that you may love your wedding color enough to have it featured prominently in a room in your new home. Rather than choose a large room, which may simply look too bright, you may wish to consider a smaller space. A good option is your powder room. Powder rooms can often benefit from having a bright color on the wall, which you can pair with drapes, towels, and decorations to give the room a stylish and cozy feel. Talk to a local painting contractor about these and other ways of featuring your wedding color in your new home.

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