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Signs You Need To Paint Your Home's Exterior

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Homeowners love decorating the interior of their houses but neglect the exterior. As much as painting your exterior seems like a big financial project, you should still execute it. Remember that exterior paint protects your home against the elements. So, if you notice the signs discussed below, don't hesitate to call a residential exterior painter.

Much Time Has Passed

When was the last time you had an exterior paint job? If it's been a long time since you repainted your home's exterior, then you need to hire a residential exterior painting service. But the paint looks okay! Well, the paint might look okay, but it's not. Exterior paint tends to lose its integrity and beauty after a few years. Therefore, you should repaint your exterior every few years regardless of whether the paint looks good or not.

You Want to Sell

Renovations can go a long way when selling your home. And as you well know, buyers are always attracted to homes that look new or well maintained. That said, you might want to paint your home's exterior if you decide to sell. The new paint job will attract potential buyers. Besides, your house will fetch a reasonable price as long as it's well maintained.

Faded Paint

Faded or discolored paint can ruin your home's appearance. Your exterior paint is more likely to fade since it's constantly exposed to sunlight, rain, and snow. Once the paint starts to fade, it will look dull or flat. Therefore, if you notice a color change, don't hesitate to hire an exterior painting service. Remember that fading is a clear sign that the paint can no longer offer enough protection to your home.

Bubbling Paint

Flaking or bubbling paint is another sign you need to repaint your home. Bubbling or cracked paint is more common in areas with cold winters and humid summers. Remember that cracked or flaking paint can no longer offer protection to your home. You'll have to replace the old paint with a fresh coat. While you're at it, inspect whether the wood has signs of rotting. If the wood is rotten, replace it as the paint won't stick.

Cracked Caulk

Is your home's caulking starting to crumble or crack? That's a sign you need to re-caulk and repaint your home's exterior. Remember that caulk is meant to add protection to your home's exterior and seal any gaps that can allow water into your wall. As long as you can re-caulk and repaint your home, you won't need to worry about water damage.

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