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Tips For An Awesome Exterior Painting Job

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A good exterior paint job can completely transform the look of your home. But how do you get a good exterior paint job? One option is to hire professional painters. However, if you prefer to DIY this work, there are some tips you can follow for better, near-professional results. Here they are:

Power wash the home first.

Before you apply any paint, give the home a good power washing. This is one time when you really want to turn the pressure up as high as possible. Blast away not only the dirt but any loose paint. Do this two or three days before you paint the house, which will give it time to dry. Don't use any soap or detergents. They're not really necessary, and they may prevent the paint from sticking well.

Start with a good primer.

Sometimes people skip the primer step when the home has already been painted. But primer is essential for a good paint job, even if your home has been painted before. Look for a primer made specifically for exterior use. One that promises to fill in low spots and cracks is a good choice since it will result in a smoother look overall.  Apply the primer generously, and let it dry completely before moving on to the step.

Use a nappy roller.

Rolling the paint on is the most efficient way to paint. But if you use a roller that's too smooth, you will have a hard time getting the paint into the more textured parts of your siding. Look for a nappy roller, or in other words, one with longer fibers. These rollers hold more paint, and they also squish that paint into low spots more effectively. If a roller is specifically labeled for exterior painting, it probably has the type of fibers you need.

Paint in the shade.

If you paint in the sun, the paint will dry too quickly. It may not adhere properly or look as smooth once it dries. So, try to paint the sides of your home one at a time when they are shaded. This may take a little time and planning, but it's worth the results.

If you plan on painting the exterior of your home, follow the tips above in the process. Above all else, remember to take your time. A good paint job will last a lot longer and will draw positive attention to your home.

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