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Inspiration for Your Residential Painting Project

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A fresh coat of paint can liven up a dark space in your home or may prompt you to use a distinct decorating theme to highlight the new wall covering. Choosing paint may require you to seek some inspiration, both through color block samples and archived and current paint trends.

Color Block Samples

Samples that are arranged in a collection of cards will include light and dark hues, metallic shades, and custom color combinations. There may be a paint color that you have been overlooking or that you have prematurely decided won't work for the space where the paint will soon be added.

By having access to some samples, you can walk throughout your home and gaze at each sample block, to see if one of them stands out from the rest. You may discover that one that you were originally going to omit will work out better than many of the other choices. Sample colors may include water-based and oil-based varieties. If you are looking for a gentle wall covering that is child-safe, choose from water-based paints that are nontoxic.

A paint consultant at a Farrow and Ball retailer can help save time with your painting preparations. If you don't trust yourself to make the right paint choice or if you are seeking the use of multiple colors of paint, request a color match service. This service will require you to describe the space that you are upgrading. A proposed theme, the type of molding or fixtures that are within a space, and the decor or furnishings that you plan on utilizing in the repainted parts of your home will help a consultant pick out some colors of paint that may appeal to you.

Paint Trends

If you ever contemplated how a room was upgraded on a renovation show, or were inspired by a design element, but weren't sure how to replicate it, viewing some paint trends can motivate you. A Farrow and Ball retailer may feature archived and current paint trends. These types of trends will be presented in a pictorial format. There may be some listed paint types and additional materials that will be needed to complete a specific upgrade.

A printout that correlates to a paint project can be given to a painter and/or wallpaper hanger who will be adding the wall coverings to your residence. Paint quantities, colors, blending guidelines, wallpaper products, and application and installation materials may be outlined on a printout. This information will help you attain results that are comparable to the ones portrayed on a printout.

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