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Tips For Painting Your Building's Exterior Brick

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Is the exterior of your office building not looking so great from years of wear and tear? If so, you may want to improve the look of the brick by painting it. Here are some tips you should know about painting a brick exterior wall. 

Brick Wall Preparation

You want to clean any loose dirt off of the brick by using a high-pressure hose. Wait for the surface to dry, and then go over the surface again using a brush to get rid of any remaining dirt and dust that may still be on the surface. It's important that you then use painter's tape to mask off areas around the brick that you do not want to be painted. Not only does this make it easier to paint, but it creates clean lines along edges that look good. You should also place drop covers along the ground to avoid accidentally getting paint on the surface beneath the brick, such as a concrete sidewalk

Paint Preparation 

Start by mixing the paint so that it has an even color throughout the entire can. If you are painting a very large wall, it will help to mix several gallons together in a large bucket so that the paint color is the same throughout the entire surface. You can purchase a paint mixing attachment for your power drill to make the mixing process easier. Wash paint rollers prior to starting as well so that they are damp. It helps them absorb paint and makes the job a bit easier. 

Paint Application

Start by cutting in around the edges with a paint brush, since it is going to require a bit more care to ensure that you do not accidentally paint over the masked-off area. Work the brush into mortar around the edge as well, since that will be a hard spot to paint later with a brush. 

With a paint-covered roller, move from the bottom to the top of the brick on one edge of the wall. Each pass should slightly overlap the previous one to prevent missed spots. Do not apply too much pressure with the roller, since it can cause paint to drip beneath the roller and not look good. Try to complete an entire section of the wall so that the brick doesn't look like it was done in sections with different consistencies of paint. Let the paint completely dry before applying a second coat. 

Seems too hard to do on your own? Hire a commercial painter to do it for you. Commercial painting can get the job done quickly and effectively.