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Commercial Epoxy Flooring Could Be The Right Choice For Your Shop

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When you're considering options for new flooring in your shop, you want to think about how attractive the flooring will be, how easy it will be to clean, and how long it will last. A good flooring to consider is an epoxy coating. Here's why epoxy flooring is a good choice whether your shop sells groceries, auto parts, or high-end clothing.

Epoxy Flooring Reflects Light

Epoxy gives your floors a glossy appearance, and the shine makes your floors and store look clean and welcoming. A clean look is essential no matter what you sell so customers feel comfortable buying from you. Epoxy flooring also reflects light which makes your store seem brighter, larger, and more cheery. This makes shopping a more enjoyable experience for your customers.

An Epoxy Floor Is Easy To Clean

One benefit of having commercial epoxy flooring installed is that the floor is one continuous surface rather than having a floor full of seams and grout that hold dirt and germs. This makes it much easier to clean the floor to keep your shop sanitary and control odors. Epoxy tolerates water so you can wet mop it and not worry about water damage. You can also have the epoxy textured so it isn't slick and a slip hazard for your customers when the floor is wet. This reduces your worry when a spill happens or if you need to wet mop an area of the store when you have customers.

Epoxy Is An Attractive Floor Coating

Besides giving your floors a lustrous shine, you can buy epoxy that makes your floors more attractive. Some coatings have pigments, flakes, or granules that create flecks of color, solid color, or a marbling effect. Your shop could look like it has a luxury marble floor, or you may prefer a black, shiny floor. With epoxy, you have a lot of choices so you can match the floor to the style of your shop and what you sell.

Epoxy Flooring Is Durable

Epoxy floors are durable enough to be used in industrial warehouses and mechanic shops. The stand up to heavy foot traffic and rolling carts that might be used in your shop. The lifespan of an epoxy floor depends on how much use it gets, how well it is maintained, and the type of epoxy the installer uses. The floor might last a few years or longer. Once the floor shows signs of age and wear, a new epoxy coating can be applied after the old floor is prepped. This makes it easy to keep your shop flooring attractive to your customers.