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How To Prep For A Commercial Painting Project

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Bringing in commercial painters to perform a job calls for more than just setting a date. You want your project to be a success, so take these 5 potential issues into account as the time for work approaches.

Get the Schedule Straight With Everyone

Especially at larger operations, it's important to make sure everyone knows when and where work will occur. This includes making it clear that some sections of a building may need to be used for staging equipment and supplies. This means sitting down all managers and other decision-makers to ensure that the project won't conflict with their own operations. You do not want to be sorting out things like who can use a particular hallway on the day a job starts.

Ventilation Concerns

In all but the most absolutely dry environments, paint needs enough air circulation to ensure that it will dry properly. Do not make the assumption that your existing ventilation system will do the job or that you can just throw a bunch of windows open. Talk with the professionals handling the job and ask whether they'll need to bring in additional equipment to improve circulation.

Cleaning Up

While many painting companies are happy to clear out spaces for painting work, if you can handle some basic tasks yourself, the task will be done sooner. It also will ensure that items don't get lost in the shuffle. You're better off moving shelves, furniture, and equipment in advance of a job. Anything you can't move needs to be covered with tarps or plastic.

Likewise, simple cleaning should be performed. You should, however, refrain from dealing with things like scraping paint or sanding surfaces. It's best to let the commercial painting contractors see the situation and decide what they'd prefer to do.

Testing for Problems

Especially when prepping an older building for painting, it's not a bad idea to have some testing done in advance. Many older structures may have paints that contain lead or asbestos, creating a hazmat situation. Don't assume that there are no problems just because a place was recently painted. If paint has been layered over existing problems areas, trouble could still be lurking.

Ask About Equipment

Many tasks, such as painting high ceilings, may call for specialized equipment to be brought to your site. If you're wondering how something will be painted, make a point to ask.

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