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Low-Gloss Vs. High-Gloss Paint

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Are you trying to paint the inside of your house, but don't know which paints to use? While certain brands can have slight variations that you need to consider, the most important factor when choosing paint is the sheen. The sheen (or glossiness) of the paint not only affects how shiny it is, but it also affects the maintenance, cleaning, durability, and lifespan of the product. This article explains the key differences between a high-gloss and low-gloss paint.

High-Gloss Paints

High-gloss paint is definitely less common when it comes to home interiors. Since it is shiny, it tends to look more modern and commercial. That is, it doesn't look traditional or homey. However, there are some great advantages of using high-gloss paint. First of all, high gloss is more durable and longer lasting. That is, the glossy sheen protects the paint color and reduces fading. High-gloss paint is also thicker, meaning it adds a valuable layer of protection to your walls.

High-gloss paint is most useful in bathrooms because it helps protect the walls from moisture. In fact, your bathroom ceilings and walls should always be painted with a high- or semi-gloss paint. Water will not penetrate high-gloss paint and ruin drywall. The smooth, glossy finish also means that it is much easier to clean. Usually, simply wiping down your walls with a wet rag will remove the dirt stains.

Low-Gloss Paint

Most people prefer the subtle look of a low-gloss paint in their home. Lights do not reflect or glare off of low-gloss paint finishes. In general, this finish creates a more natural feel. Low gloss is a little tougher to clean because it is more porous, and it absorbs stains. Low-gloss paint is thinner and easy to paint onto the walls. It is also usually cheaper than a comparable high-gloss paint.

If you want a product that is a little easier to clean and maintain, but you don't want a full-on, high-gloss finish on your walls, you should look at some of the semi-gloss options. The level of sheen on semi gloss will vary from brand to brand. Nonetheless, it is a great option, particularly if you are worried about your walls getting dirty.

Remember, you can use the same paint color from room to room, but with different sheen. Whether you choose low-, semi- or high-gloss paint, a new paint job inside your home will create big changes. For additional information, contact a local painting contractor.